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Job Interview Follow Up Tips

So you’ve just finished your interview, now what?  This article gives you some advice on how to conduct job interview follow up.

You set the stage for job follow up at the conclusion of your interview.   As your interview is finishing the interviewer will typically ask you if you have any questions. 

Here are some Job Interview Follow Up Tips

At the end of the interview ask about the next steps in the process

Asking this question gives you clarity around the steps that may remain in your interview cycle, and the timing of those steps. 

Depending on the job you may have to go through a number of different interviews before you actually receive an offer.  Clearly understanding the process is an important element of knowing how and when to follow up on your job interview.

Ask the interviewer if they mind if you follow up with them

When you ask the interviewer if it is ok for you to follow up, do so politely not aggressively.  Asking this question shows not only shows the interviewer that you are keen to get the job, but it is also a great way to get additional clarity on the steps remaining in the interview process.

Ask for feedback on your fit for the role?

This is a question that many candidates are afraid to ask, but the answer to this question can be very valuable.  Most interviewers will be happy to provide you with candid feedback on your perceived strengths and weaknesses relative to the role. 

As part of job interview follow up this gives you an opportunity to address the weak points directly (perhaps with examples you forgot to mention).   It’s also an opportunity for you to get valuable feedback on how you can improve next time, even if you don’t get this particular position.

Send a Job Interview Follow Up Letter

You might want to consider sending a job interview follow up letter to your interviewer either via post or by email.  This not only gives you an opportunity to thank your interviewer for their time, but if written well can give you one more chance to highlight your strengths as they relate to the role.