HR Interview

The first interview you go through is often referred to as the HR interview. The truth is that the HR interview can take place at any point in the interview process, but by and large your first interview will most likely be conducted by a HR representative.

A Few Things to Know About the HR Interview

The HR recruiter will likely be processing a large volume of applicants

As opposed to second or third round interviews where the number of candidates has been narrowed down to a select few, the HR interview is focused on screening applicants. This means that the questions will likely be direct, and your answers should be very focused. The average HR interview only lasts about 30 minutes.

The job description is your best friend.

Keep in mind that the HR interview won't be conducted by the hiring manager, so in many cases the person conducting the interview will be going largely on the skills laid out in the job description when screening candidates. Make sure you focus your answers on the skill requirements laid out in the job description.

The questions are more likely to be informational than behavioral.

The short nature of the HR interview doesn't lend itself well to open ended discussions like 'what would you do if you...' Instead you should expect questions like 'tell me about job xyz that you have listed in your resume'. Or 'what do you know about company xyz'.

Ask Questions.

A great way to differentiate yourself from the other applicants in the HR interview is to ask intelligent questions about the role or organization. Questions like 'what does success look like in this role' or 'how does this role fit into the organizations goals' are good starting points. You should also ask for feedback on whether the interviewer thinks you are a fit for the role, so you have a chance to correct perceptions before it's too late.