Job Interview Practice

So what is the best way to practice for a job interview?  There are many techniques that you can use to ensure that on the day of the interview you are as ready as you can be, to maximize your chances of success.

Tips for Effective Job Interview Practice

Review the job description you are applying for very closely. 

The job description will give you valuable information about the types of skills that your employer is looking for.  You would be amazed how often people overlook this critical step. 

Make a list of the key skills that are being asked for in the job description.

By clearly understanding what is in the job description you will be in a great position to start your job interview practice.

Review your resume

Remember that list of skills that you made after reviewing the job description?  Time to put that to good use!  That list is your roadmap for what you want to talk about during the interview. 

Now take a look at the experience listed in your resume and try to map that against the desired skills in the job description. 

Relate your experience to the role you are applying for.

If the job description states that it is looking for someone with strong communication skills, look at your resume and think of a number of examples where you have demonstrated this skill in the past. 

Maybe you gave a presentation to your colleagues, or maybe you resolved a tough issue by communicating effectively. 

For each desired skill you should list 2-3 examples from your work experience.  Preparation is the key to great job interview practice!

Go through sample interview questions

Far and away the most effective way to get job interview practice is to try and answer sample job interview questions.  This website has a comprehensive list of practice job interview questions on the internet, so it’s a great resource for you to use to get started. 

Do a mock job interview

Print off some of the questions on this website and grab a friend to help you go through a mock job interview.  Ask the friend to take it seriously, and treat it just as if they were considering hiring you. 

Going through a mock job interview a number of times is an excellent way to practice your job interview skills. 

Job interview practice is the key to a successful interview.  Remember your interview skills are just like a muscle, the more you work them out the stronger they are going to get!