Mock Job Interview

A mock job interview is an excellent way to prepare and practice your interview skills.  It may seem a little unnatural at first, but the mock job interview is a very valuable tool for exercising your interview muscles!

Tips for Conducting a Mock Job Interview

Choose the right friend to help you

The mock job interview is most effective when it is taken seriously.  It isn’t very effective at all if you or your friend treats it like a game, or is joking around throughout. 

Ask someone who will take their job as an interviewer seriously, if possible (but not necessary) ask someone you know who has actually interviewed people in the past, as they will help you give the best mock job interview.

Prepare questions for your interviewer in advance

The person you are asking is doing you a favor by agreeing to help you with your mock job interview, so be courteous and provide them with questions in advance. 

Make it as real as possible

It sounds silly, but an interview is more than answering questions.  Your interview starts from the moment you shake hands, and ends after you get the job.  If you can try to find a room in your home that you can use to simulate your mock job interview. Stay in 'character' throughout the interview and ask your interviewer to do the same. 

Ask for feedback

The biggest value in going through the mock interview is the feedback you get from your friend after it is over.  Ask your friend to take notes on what they like and what they didn’t during the mock job interview and then discuss their feedback with them when it’s over. 

The mock job interview is a powerful tool for preparing for the real deal.  I promise you if you follow this technique you will have a significant advantage over the other people applying for your desired position.