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Tough Interview Questions

So you've practiced the basics, and now you want to make sure you are ready for the tough interview questions. The truth is most interviewers won't try to trip you up, but at the same time they will need to 'test' your ability to respond to tough questions.

Here are a few Tough Interview Questions

What makes you any different from the 20 other applicants I'm interviewing today?

Sample Answer

While I can't speak for the qualifications of your other applicants, I would like to highlight 3 things about my own experience that I feel make me a particularly good fit for this job.

Firstly you mentioned that you were looking for someone who (insert qualification here). Based on my experience at (Job ABC) I believe I have clearly demonstrated that I have this qualification.

Repeat the above paragraph for 2 additional qualificaitons.

In addition to my experience I believe passion, energy and focus on results that I would bring to this role would be second to none

You lack specific experience in a particular job skills area. How do you think you could be successful in light of this?

Sample Answer

I agree that <insert qualification> is one of the areas that I need to continue to focus on. My job history shows that I'm not afraid to take on new challenges, and that I'm able to quickly identify areas of development that I need to work on, and then build a plan of action for addressing these areas.

In this particular case I beleive that I do believe I have some experience in <insert qualification> based on my experience at <insert job>. However to build on this one of my first steps would be to <take a course> <find a mentor> <ask for feedback> to ensure that I quickly improved my experience in this area.

You seem to have an excellent track record of individual success, but you have very little team experience. This job requires teamwork.

Sample Answer

I'm excited by the opportunity to work in a team environment, and if I may I'd like to do a better job of highlighting some of my previous experiences working in a team. <Talk about any team experience that you may not have highlighted in your resume or in the interview, even if it's non work team experience like a sports team>

One of the things that is attractive to me about this role is the opportunity to work in a team environment, and build upon my existing collaboration skills.