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5 Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

The job interview is a great opportunity for you to learn more about your prospective employer, and the job you are applying for.

 In addition asking insightful questions during the interview process allows you to demonstrate your critical thinking process to the interviewer, and can show them that you are both interested and intelligent. 

Top 5 Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

1. Ask questions about the role.

Odds are the only information you have about the role at this point in the interview process is what you've learned from the job description and your research.

The art of a successful job interview is tying your experience to the requirements of the role, so at every opportunity you should ask the interviewer for more clarification on what skills they are looking for.

2. Ask Clarifying questions

If an interviewer asks you a question where there is lack of clarity on what he/she is asking, it is perfectly acceptable to ask for a clarification.  In some cases the interviewer may have intentionally left out information and is testing your critical thinking ability to identify what additional data is required to answer it. 

Politely frame the question with a ‘if I understand you correctly you are saying etc… and then ask for clarification’. Asking intelligent questions can also give you a bit of time arrange your thoughts and articulate an answer.

3. As questions about the organization.

Some of the key questions to ask during a job interview are related to what the organization is actually like.  Your interviewer is a wealth of information and should be able to provide additional insight beyond what was included in the job description. 

Some of examples of these types of questions to ask during a job interview are:  Can you tell me a bit about the culture of this organization?    What are the measures of success within your organization?

4. Ask for feedback

Many candidates are hesitant to ask for feedback on their fit for the role because they are afraid of the answer.  This is a mistake!  With few exceptions an interviewer will be more than willing to give you feedback on how you are doing in the interview, but more to the point how well they think you fit with the role. 

A question you should ask during the job interview (near the end typically) would be ‘Based on our discussion so far I would be interested in getting your feedback on my fit for the role’.  Listen carefully, and address any negative feedback with examples from your work experience if possible.

5. Ask about next steps

At the end of the interview it's perfectly appropriate to ask about the next steps in the hiring process, and what the timing of these steps are. You can get more information on this in the Job Interview Follow Up section of this site.

Thinking about questions to ask during a job interview in advance can increase your chances of having a successful job interview.

Interview Tip:
Sometimes the questions you ask can tell your prospective employer more about you than the answers you give.